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fight against Coronavirus

Help Fight Coronavirus(Covid-19) C-19

Our team at Prime Health Pharmacy is happy to support the nation’s fight against COVID-19 by signposting patients with suspected or even confirmed SARS-COV-2 infection to the PRINCIPLE trial.

The PRINCIPLE trial platform is a UK-wide priority trial to find treatments for COVID-19 and the only one based in primary care.

It is designed to test a range of treatments in the community, with treatment arms that can be stopped, replaced or added. Currently it is evaluating usual care alone versus usual care plus azithromycin; or usual care plus doxycycline.

The trial is being run by the University of Oxford and is funded by UK Research and Innovation and the Department for Health and Social Care through the National Institute for Health Research.

Eligible patients are people with symptoms of COVID-like-illness who are:

  • aged 50 and over and have a comorbidity; or
  • who are aged 65 and over, with or without comorbidity.

For more information, please go to to register for the trial.