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Bazuka Gel for the Treatment of Corns,Calluses,Verrucas and Warts -5G


Bazuka Gel 5g contains salicylic acid and lactic acid which gently remove the infected skin tissue, helping to eliminate the virus.

No fuss, no plasters necessary.

The pain-free gel dries to form a water-resistant, protective barrier to inhibit the spread of infection.

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Bazuka Gel for the Treatment of Corns,Calluses,Verrucas and Warts -5G

Bazuka  Gel is an effective and painless way to treat and remove verrucas, warts, corns and calluses.


Bazuka  Gel contains the active ingredient salicylic acid and other medicinal compounds that work together to break down and remove verrucas, warts, corns and calluses. Warts and verrucas are small excessive growths of skin caused by a particular virus. The virus is highly infectious and warts and verrucas may grow and spread especially left untreated. The virus can even be transferred from one person to another. Warts often occur on the fingers, or on the back of the hands. Warts can be recognised by the rough “cauliflower-like” appearance of the surface. Verrucas occur only on the sole of the foot and are recognised by their tenderness and the interruption of the footprint pattern.


Bazuka  Gel softens the skin growth, thus assisting removal of the excessive skin with an emery board or pumice stone. Bazuka Gel also helps to kill the virus within the wart or verruca. Corns and calluses are hard thick pads of skin caused by pressure and friction mostly on the feet due to poorly fitting shoes, or on the hands. The skin softening action of Bazuka Gel helps in the mechanical removal of this skin, again with the aid of an emery board or pumice stone.



Soak the affected area in warm water for 2 to 3 minutes.Dry the area thoroughly with your own towel to avoid cross-infection. Apply a thin coating of the gel allowing it to dry. Take care to avoid gel spreading onto surrounding skin. Apply every evening for a week carefully peeling the white patch of dried gel once a week, before applying fresh gel. Rub the verrucam wartm corn or callus with the emery board provided. The length of treatment will vary depending on the resistance and size of the verruca or wart. Read the instruction leaflet.

Active ingredient:

12% Salicylic Acid w/w and 4% Lactic Acid w/w

Other ingredients:

Camphor, Povidone, Pyroxylin, Ethanol and Ethyl Acetone.


Do not use Bazuka Gel anywhere on or near your face, neck, armpits, breasts, bottom or genital (sex) regions, on birthmarks, moles, warts with hairs growing from them, or any other spots. Consult your doctor if you are diabetic