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Common cold

In these uncertain times of cuts, stringent funding options and much more focus on profit over service in many main stream pharmacies, it has become clear to everyone that Care Homes are becoming very unsure as to how their chosen Pharmacy is going to support their needs going forward.

At Prime Health Pharmacy, we provide a range of services specifically designed to help you provide the best possible care for your residents. We understand how important it is to be both flexible and reliable when dispensing and delivering medication to Care Homes, and in order to bolster and support this service we are delighted to announce our partnership with CareMeds.

We have opted to utilise their market leading Care Home dispensing software system, in addition to our electronic prescription service. This means that we can easily dispense medication to your residents in whichever packaging you wish. Be it Original Pack, standard blister packs or the Multimeds “Press and Go” blister packs. Additionally, we are accompanying the medication with colour, concise and compliant MAR charts.

This partnership brings the best combination of services in both medication compliance and Pharmacy support to Care Homes and further bolsters our outstanding Care Home focussed service to our existing customers.

As part of this relationship, we are also able to offer you CareMeds eMAR. This system is safe, secure, GDPR compliant and links us, the pharmacy with you the care provider with one digital patient record. This system also allows you to carry out every check-in, return, audit, report, reorder and stock-take. Eliminating any need for paper, and eliminating any risk of meds errors.

What do you get as standard with Prime Health Pharmacy?

  • Same Day deliveries
  • Choice of meds packaging
  • Paper or electronic MARs
  • Flu jabs for staff and residents
  • Face to face Medication training
  • Medication dispensing for staff
  • PRE-CQC audit support
  • Private prescribing services
  • Dedicated and named care home pharmacist. 
  • Healthy living champion
  • Onsite new medication review

For further details, contact us on 01133453194

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